Schell, Barbara A. Boyt

Willard and Spackman's occupational therapy - 13th ed. - Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer, 2019 - xlix, 1242 p. : colour illustrations ; 29 cm.


Unit I Occupational therapy : profile of the profession
Unit II Occupational nature of humans
Unit III Narrative perspectives on occupation and disability
Unit IV Occupation in context
Unit V Client factors and occupational performance
Unit VI Analyzing occupations
Unit VII Occupational therapy process
Unit VIII Core concepts and skills
Unit IX Occupational performance theories of practice
Unit X Broad theories informing practice
Unit XI Evaluation, intervention, and outcomes for occupations
Unit XII Theory guided interventions : examples from the field
Unit XIII The practice context : therapists in action
Unit XIV Professional development
Unit XV Occupational therapy management.

"Packed with first-person narratives that offer a unique perspective on the lives of those living with disease, this book offers much that is new as it continues to help students and clinicians develop the knowledge and skills they need to apply a client-centered, evidence-based and culturally relevant approach across the full spectrum of practice settings. Coverage of the latest considerations in the field prepares students to work with the full range of clients, including veterans suffering from PTSD, the homeless, and individuals who identify as LGBTQI."


Occupational Therapy
Rehabilitation, Vocational

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