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020 _a9780444635457
082 _aSERIAL
100 _aEkhtiari, Hamed
245 _aNeuroscience for addiction medicine:
_bfrom prevention to rehabilitation - constructs and drugs
260 _bElsevier :
300 _axx, 357 p. :
440 _aProgress in Brain Research
_vVol. 223
500 _aContents : Part 1: Neuroscience constructs for addiction medicine. Neuroscience of resilience and vulnerability for addiction medicine: from genes to behavior -- Drug-induced neurotoxicity in addiction medicine: from prevention to harm reduction -- Stress psychobiology in the context of addiction medicine: from drugs of abuse to behavioral addictions -- Reinforcement principles for addiction medicine; from recreational drug use to psychiatric disorder -- Neuroscience of attentional processes for addiction medicine: from brain mechanisms to practical considerations -- Neuroscience of learning and memory for addiction medicine: from habit formation to memory reconsolidation -- Neuroscience of drug craving for addiction medicine: from circuits to therapies -- Response inhibition and addiction medicine: from use to abstinence -- Neuroscience of inhibition for addiction medicine: from prediction of initiation to prediction of relapse -- Part 2: Drugs and behaviours for addiction medicine. Neuroscience of nicotine for addiction medicine: novel targets for smoking cessation medications -- Neuroscience of alcohol for addiction medicine: neurobiological targets for prevention and intervention in adolescents -- Neuroscience of opiates for addiction medicine: from stress-responsive systems to behavior -- Opioid neuroscience for addiction medicine: from animal models to FDA approval for alcohol addiction -- Competing neurobehavioral decision systems theory of cocaine addiction: from mechanisms to therapeutic opportunities -- Clinical neuroscience of amphetamine-type stimulants: from basic science to treatment development -- Behavioral addictions in addiction medicine: from mechanisms to practical considerations -- Neural systems implicated in obesity as an addictive disorder: from biological to behavioral mechanisms.
650 _aSubstance abuse - Treatment
650 _aCompulsive behavior - Physiological aspects
650 _aSubstance abuse - Physiological aspects
700 _aPaulus, Martin
942 _cBK